Business models for services

Geschäftsmodelle für Dienstleistungen
Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


Planning ahead in business development strengthens competitiveness

Market conditions and customer requirements are constantly changing, and technological advancements repeatedly challenge established products and tried-and-tested solutions. Against this backdrop, companies are regularly faced with the complex, time-consuming and costly task of redesigning business models for service products.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we have been systematically researching and developing successful business models for years. The support we offer extends to service providers of all sizes.

We assist our clients by

  • determining market, customer and business requirements,
  • using those as a basis for analyzing existing business models,
  • identifying improvement opportunities,
  • designing new service products for the future as well as
  • deriving and helping to realize implementation measures.

With passionate enthusiasm, we work with our clients to develop innovative solutions for both new and existing business plans. We relish the challenge of developing tailored business models that produce the optimum combination of services, technologies and products.

What potential does your business model have? Let's talk about it!

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The ServLab offers solutions for various important objectives and tasks in the field of service, thereby facilitating an integrated analysis of people, technology and organization as well as the customer focus. As a holistic platform, the ServLab is not only used to develop and design new and innovative services, but also offers a wide range of modern methods, techniques and technologies for testing, modelling and simulating these services in a realistic context.