Analysis of service portfolios

Analyse von Dienstleistungsportfolios
Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


Gaining a competitive advantage with a clearly defined service portfolio

To achieve optimal market orientation, service providers must have a clear idea of their own range of services. A well-defined portfolio allows them to market their products in a more targeted way and means they can improve the efficiency of their internal processes.

Key questions when developing a strategically oriented portfolio include:

  • Is the service portfolio clearly structured and described in succinct terms?
  • How do individual services overlap or complement each other?
  • What distinguishes a company’s own range of services from that of its competitors?
  • What developments are anticipated in the target market?
  • What expectations do customers and employees have?

At Fraunhofer IAO, our objective point of view and extensive experience help us support companies as they optimize their service portfolios, the first step in developing business. We analyze the portfolio and evaluate the services offered while taking the strategic business plan into account. If restructuring is deemed necessary, we work with our clients to identify and prioritize areas for action and to then redesign the portfolio.

Do you want to optimize your service portfolio? We’re ready to help!

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The ServLab offers solutions for various important objectives and tasks in the field of service, thereby facilitating an integrated analysis of people, technology and organization as well as the customer focus. As a holistic platform, the ServLab is not only used to develop and design new and innovative services, but also offers a wide range of modern methods, techniques and technologies for testing, modelling and simulating these services in a realistic context.