Smart data and big data

Smart Data und Big Data
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Using data for new processes, products and business models

Companies often have huge amounts of data from internal and external sources available to them. Efficient data analyses help companies unlock the collective knowledge so they can make better decisions, optimize processes and create new business models.

Fraunhofer IAO is a leader in research and development for smart data and big data solutions. Using a holistic approach, we apply our vast technology know-how and innovative methods – to predict and evaluate developments (predictive analytics), for instance. Our standardized approach is fast and cost-efficient.

For our customers, we

  • analyze big data’s potential and use in companies,
  • assist with the selection of suitable technologies and methods,
  • evaluate data inventory in regard to specific issues and distinctive features,
  • improve efficiency through innovative methods, tools and process monitoring,
  • make it easier for employees to perform their duties via knowledge-based work environments that rely on resources such as self-learning software and new pools of data,
  • deliver the basis for product innovations related to the Internet of Things and smart services and
  • provide forecasting methods relating to such aspects as demand, consumption and behavior, as well as appropriate forward planning.

Is your company already putting big data’s full potential to work? Let’s find out together!

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