Resources management

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Increasing added value with sustainability management

The more efficiently a company selects and uses its energy and raw materials resources, the more cost-effective and attuned to demand its business will be. This thinking can be applied in a variety of tangible ways to both products and production processes, and modern technologies facilitate an increase in resource efficiency. The challenge is in figuring out how to filter the vast number of potential technical solutions to find the ones that work for you.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we help companies optimize their resource and sustainability management. For our customers we

  • identify and evaluate potential savings for specific use cases
  • recommend vendor-neutral technologies they can use to optimize their resource efficiency
  • develop tailor-made sustainability concepts
  • assist in demand-based implementation.

Our customers benefit in multiple ways, allowing them to

  • design production to be cost effective in the long term
  • provide attractive and sustainable products
  • improve their security of supply
  • achieve higher environmental and climate compatibility
  • project a positive corporate image.

If you see sustainability as more than a buzz word, let’s explore its potential together!

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Energy concepts

Efficient energy management helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Fraunhofer IAO works with its customers to develop tailor-made, sustainable energy strategies. IAO specialists find individual solutions by taking an objective view and drawing on the expertise inherent in the extensive Fraunhofer network as required.