Business continuity management

Business Continuity Management
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A professional response to crisis situations

Development, production, sales – across the board, companies depend on IT systems for almost all work processes. Disruption or failure can have unpleasant or even existential consequences. Forward-looking companies take cost-effective steps now to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

For many years now, we at Fraunhofer IAO have been working with customers in business, government and associations to develop appropriate response strategies for crisis situations such as natural disasters, technical failure or sabotage. Based on experience from numerous national and international projects, we offer a range of services including:

  • analyzing our customers’ IT security and detecting possible weak spots,
  • developing solutions aimed at protecting people and maintaining operations,
  • identifying the necessary organizational and technical concepts required to do so and
  • helping customers to implement these measures and assisting them with any personal training.

We believe good risk management is about ensuring the highest degree of security while upholding proportionality.

What’s your crisis management like? We’ll help you find out!

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VS-LAB – Viable Security Laboratory

We use the term “viable security” to refer to solutions that are successful in the marketplace and improve security when applied in practice. When creating such solutions, developers must focus on the real-world working environments of users. The VS-Lab viable security laboratory supports vendors in their evaluation and development work, and helps enterprises to identify and integrate viable security solutions.


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Viable IT security

IT security is constantly presenting companies and institutions with new challenges in our increasingly networked business world. Drawing on the latest research findings, we work with our customers to develop a tailored security management concept – reaching all the way from analysis through implementation and rollout to certification.


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Entrepreneurial risk management

For companies, it pays to conduct a thorough risk assessment for any planned measures and to limit potential dangers ahead of time. This applies equally for business development planning and launching new products onto the market. We help our customers to adopt a holistic view in order to objectively analyze and evaluate business development and innovation management projects.