Urban mobility

Urbane Mobilität
Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


Analysis and concepts for electromobility, automated driving and connectivity

Electromobility and automated driving are attractive future markets and it is imperative that automakers, OEMs and suppliers stay at the forefront.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we support our customers in

  • systematically analyzing new technologies and their added value potential,
  • highlighting and evaluating legal, societal and user-related conditions and influences,
  • drafting future scenarios relating to the design and batch sizes of electric drives,
  • developing business models and
  • advancing technology and innovation planning.

Our goal is to expand the scope of knowledge in the field of automotive technology for electromobility, create a foundation for making decisions and attain more reliable planning. On request, we support our customers in the strategic planning of their products and production processes.

Working in interdisciplinary teams, we pool the knowledge and experience we have gathered from conducting a wide range of research and industry projects. At Fraunhofer IAO, we apply technology management and product planning methods that we ourselves developed, and tailor these to each customer.

If you want to be at the forefront of electromobility and automated driving, take advantage of our technology and potential analyses!

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Mobility Innovation Lab

In the future, our mobility systems will undergo rapid changes as a result of exciting developments in sustainable electromobility, shared usage concepts, ubiquitous digitalization and intermodal infrastructures. These advances require innovative approaches and revolutionary ideas to enable a transition to emission-free, connected and electric mobility – for instance concepts of vehicle automation. The research scientists at Fraunhofer IAO’s Mobility Innovation Lab are carrying out interdisciplinary work on these topics.


Innovation network


Innovationschancen für die Automobilindustrie auf dem Weg zur nachhaltigen und digitalisierten Mobilität: Unter der Leitung des Fraunhofer IAO werden mit zahlreichen Akteuren gemeinschaftlich, im Sinne eines vorwettbewerbliche Ansatzes, technologische Veränderungen im Automotive-Bereich erforscht und für die Partner im Verbund nutzbar gemacht.


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Mobility innovations

Turning a good idea into a successful innovation is often a long road, calling for prototypes to be designed, built and tested with the chosen target group. We draw on various rapid technologies to assist companies in developing mobility products and services – from charging stations and a range of mobility services to entire vehicles.