People and mobility

Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


Innovative concepts for the mobility of the future

Mobility in the 21st century is changing more and more, becoming smarter, more connected and flexible, and increasingly electric – particularly in cities.

Fraunhofer IAO takes a holistic view of the subject of mobility:

It determines people’s mobility preferences, both now and for the future, identifies the technologies required to meet these preferences, implements appropriate IT solutions and develops sustainable business models.

With its many years of experience, high-profile references and outstanding technological expertise, Fraunhofer IAO designs mobility solutions for tomorrow’s world that range from

  • innovative concepts for entire cities and regions to
  • pioneering private transport solutions and
  • mobility management systems for companies and municipalities.



Human-vehicle interaction

Intuitive vehicle controls boost comfort, increase user satisfaction and make driving more enjoyable. New generations of vehicles employ increasingly complex technology; more and more, market success comes down to how easy it is to interact with the vehicle. In the “Vehicle Interaction Lab,” we design and test user interfaces for well-known manufacturers.


Mobility strategies and charging infrastructure concepts

Trends such as electromobility, automated driving and shared vehicle usage are driving significant changes in mobility. Fraunhofer IAO assists companies, communities and regions in developing sustainable mobility strategies and charging infrastructure concepts as well as the business models to accompany them.


Electromobility’s role in fleet management

Incorporating e-vehicles in fleets doesn’t just protect the environment. Companies benefit from reduced vehicle tax, insurance and operating costs, and project an eco-friendly image, too. Fraunhofer IAO offers tailored concepts that help companies and communities to integrate electric vehicles into their fleets.


IT solutions for mobility

When companies and communities coordinate their fleet usage effectively, they cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Developed at Fraunhofer IAO, the EcoGuru mobility management system helps companies to integrate electric vehicles within their own fleets and to manage all of their vehicles simply and efficiently – via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.


Urban mobility

Electromobility and automated driving are both attractive future markets. We analyze electromobility technology for our customers, providing them with the knowledge they need to make solid decisions in developing new business models.


Mobility innovations

Turning a good idea into a successful innovation is often a long road, calling for prototypes to be designed, built and tested with the chosen target group. We draw on various rapid technologies to assist companies in developing mobility products and services – from charging stations and a range of mobility services to entire vehicles.

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