Digital production

Digitale Produktion
Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


How companies can recognize digitization potential in their production operations

Can a company optimize its product and production-related processes through the systematic introduction of information technology? Can it save time, reduce costs and make production more flexible while still upholding quality?

At Fraunhofer IAO we can find answers to these questions with just a few targeted workshops. We offer our clients evaluation techniques that don’t interfere with the existing production process, for instance through the Digital Engineering Lab. There, we can

  • simulate the value stream and material flow,
  • consider alternative station layouts at the planning table, and
  • enable real-time monitoring and control of production using Industry 4.0 technologies.

Such a holistic issue goes far beyond simple production planning and factory design. Together with our clients, we use the quick check to derive tangible recommendations for action and provide support to companies during implementation. Our broad network also provides ample opportunity to harness synergies with other companies.

Could digitization open up new possibilities in your production operations? Let’s get together and discuss it!

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Digital Engineering Lab

In Fraunhofer IAO’s Digital Engineering Lab – DELab for short – it is possible to experience products and their production before they actually exist. The focus of the work carried out in this “living lab” is the process chain from the idea for a new product through to planning the product’s manufacturing and assembly.