Digital Manufacturing 4.0

Digital Manufacturing 4.0
Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


Increasing productivity and flexibility in manufacturing

Products, markets, and manufacturing technologies are currently experiencing rapid change. How can manufacturing industry remain competitive in such a changing and less predictable environment? The watchword is Digital Manufacturing 4.0. This refers to smart, networked methods, techniques, and tools that enable more flexible manufacturing, increasing productivity and strengthening competitiveness.

How can Digital Manufacturing 4.0 be implemented in a factory-specific environment? The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO guides and supports you in comprehensively developing smart products, processes and holistic factories – as well as approaching factory operation, maintenance, and product servicing and recycling.

What we do for our customers:

  • We answer all challenges regarding the digitalization of networked and knowledge-based manufacturing.
  • We conceive and develop innovative models, methods, and techniques for optimizing smart products, processes and , factories - throughout their lifecycle.
  • We apply methods, techniques, and digital tools in their company-specific manufacturing environments.

Are you planning to digitally transform your company or individual processes? Together we can make your digital transformation dream a reality - practically and successfully with Digital Manufacturing 4.0!