Human-machine interaction

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Individual operability for greatest user comfort

To the people who use it, a technology is only as good as its interface. This is true for production machinery, corporate software and mobile apps. The best designed human-machine interactions

  • allow for secure, intuitive and error-free usage,
  • support the user’s objectives and tasks,
  • activate the user’s creativity and motivation,
  • create an emotional connection with the technology used, and
  • promote acceptance and commercial success.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we have developed scientifically based methods for crafting interactions that combine creative, aesthetic and technical aspects in a targeted manner. In this way, we develop user interfaces for industrial applications and consumer goods, services and customer contact, as well as networked systems and mobile applications. The user experience always remains at the center of our work.

Our key activities include:

  • providing new interaction technology that offers added value through comfortable input or efficient display features
  • designing intuitive user interfaces that motivate the user
  • developing company-specific style guides and design patterns

One special service we offer is the design and development of smart user interfaces that adapt individually to each user or situation.

Would you like to create user-friendly interfaces? Then discuss it with our experts!

Further information



Interaction lab

The interaction lab of the Fraunhofer IAO offers researchers and industrial partners a joint platform for the development and testing of concepts for innovative forms of interaction. A central, end-to-end and transparent management information system with relevant visualization options is provided for »Visual project management in product development«. This application reveals in real time where discrepancies exist within a complex development project and suggests how processes can be improved.



Neurolab: laboratory for neuroscience

One of the top priorities when developing new technologies to improve work processes in today’s increasingly digital world is that these solutions should emphasize the human factor. For it is only by understanding human needs and expectations that we will be able to design user-friendly human-machine systems that generate added value and are enjoyable to work with. At the Fraunhofer IAO Neurolab, we employ (neuro-)physiological methods to investigate these questions.


Related service

Usability and user experience engineering

Manufacturers get important feedback when they involve users in the development process early on, allowing them to find the best ways to tailor new products to their target groups – before the products reach the market. Fraunhofer IAO’s User Experience Lab integrates users’ needs and also market conditions into the development process.


Innovation network

Future Self Service

Im Verbundprojekt »Future Self Service« entwickeln Unternehmen in Kooperation mit Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart neue Konzepte für den Kundenservice der Zukunft. Zu den Projektteilnehmern gehören Betreiber und Hersteller rund um Kunden Self Services und Filialkonzepte. Unter Berücksichtigung aktueller Entwicklungen und marktseitiger Trends kann angewandte und praxisnahe Forschung genutzt werden, um Entscheidungen für eine zukünftige strategische Aufstellung zu treffen.


Innovation network

HMI 4.0

Ein entscheidender Faktor für die Produktivität von Anlagen ist die effiziente Behandlung von Störfällen. Sinnvolle Anleitungen existieren meist nur für häufig auftretende Standard-Störfälle. Unsere Vision: Nutzergenerierte Bedienhilfen erstellen.