Cloud computing and services

Cloud Computing und Services
Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


Outsourcing IT tasks to save time and money

IT-based work often requires extensive server capacity to store and manage customer and business data. Cloud computing provides companies with new opportunities for outsourcing such IT tasks to external service providers. Using the flexible storage options afforded by external cloud solutions also eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining up-to-date hardware products.

Cloud computing can help companies to develop new business models and simplify work processes. At the same time, ensuring maximum security for sensitive data, taking legal requirements into account and weighing up technical risks is essential.

At Fraunhofer IAO, our service portfolio includes the design, development and operation of tailored cloud services for customers in sectors such as banking and insurance.

We also advise and assist customers and cloud computing providers by

  • carrying out rapid “IT efficiency checks” to analyze the current situation and identify company-specific potential uses for cloud services,
  • developing scenarios for an alternative process management strategy and demonstrating its cost-effectiveness as well as
  • offering support during the selection and implementation of IT solutions, software products and cloud services.

Can cloud-based solutions make your IT management more efficient and cost-effective? We’ll find out for you!

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