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Selecting and introducing suitable IT systems

Whenever companies change their working processes or IT system landscapes, there are always implications for existing software systems. This makes the strategic planning and successful introduction of new IT applications and IT services an essential part of business management.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we support companies during every stage of such transformation processes. For our customers, we

  • determine the conceptual requirements for a new software solution, taking into account corporate strategy and goals,
  • analyze established processes, existing IT system landscapes and requirements, and prospective IT solutions,
  • develop a new, tailor-made concept and identify the technologies required,
  • advise on a vendor-neutral selection of suitable software solutions as well as
  • help coordinate roll-outs and, upon request, organize change management and carry out employee training.

The possible range of applications includes enterprise content management (ECM), customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as visual analytics or company portals. We offer vendor-neutral advice that draws on our cross-sector experience, first-rate reference projects and methodical process models.

If you want to put your IT strategy through its paces, get in touch with our expert teams!

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Technology develops so fast that it can be difficult to maintain an overview of which IT applications are effective. Fraunhofer IAO helps its customers make the right selection. We keep them up to date on current developments in service-oriented architectures (SOA), business process management (BPM), cloud-based IT and mobile computing.