People and IT

Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


Individualized, user-oriented and secure IT solutions

Selecting the right IT solutions has a significant impact on business success. This is true in commerce, research and administrative contexts, and applies to internal processes as well as to interaction with customers and partners.

  • Fraunhofer IAO researches and develops tailor-made and secure IT solutions for versatile applications.
  • The user is always at the center.
  • We believe information technology should provide the best possible support for work processes – not prescribe a restrictive framework.
  • For IT-supported products or services, operability, user experience and design determine market success.

Behind Fraunhofer IAO’s services are a variety of independently designed tools, development and testing labs.

Maintaining a neutral position, Fraunhofer IAO draws on its excellent technological expertise, cross-industry experience and in-depth market knowledge.



Business software

When companies change their work processes or IT system infrastructure, they need to adapt their software. We support companies during such transformation processes with a vendor-neutral view, drawing on cross-sector experience, high-profile reference projects and process models developed in house.


IT architecture and business integration

Technology develops so fast that it can be difficult to maintain an overview of which IT applications are effective. Fraunhofer IAO helps its customers make the right selection. We keep them up to date on current developments in service-oriented architectures (SOA), business process management (BPM), cloud-based IT and mobile computing.


Cloud computing and services

Companies can save time and money by outsourcing IT tasks to external providers. Still, it’s important to weigh up security issues, legal requirements and technical risks. We design, develop and operate tailored cloud services for our customers and accompany them every step of the way from analysis to implementation.


Human-machine interaction

A technology is only as good as the way we can interact with it. The best human-machine interfaces (HMIs) dovetail creative, aesthetic and technical aspects and increase economic success. This puts user interfaces for software, services, customer interaction and industrial devices at the heart of HMI design.


Usability and user experience engineering

Manufacturers get important feedback when they involve users in the development process early on, allowing them to find the best ways to tailor new products to their target groups – before the products reach the market. Fraunhofer IAO’s User Experience Lab integrates users’ needs and also market conditions into the development process.


Viable IT security

IT security is constantly presenting companies and institutions with new challenges in our increasingly networked business world. Drawing on the latest research findings, we work with our customers to develop a tailored security management concept – reaching all the way from analysis through implementation and rollout to certification.


Customer interaction and self service

Customer contact channels highlight the importance of companies and their customers interacting successfully. Optimized interfaces are the only way companies can present their services and raise customer satisfaction. Drawing on its expertise in usability engineering and human-computer interaction, Fraunhofer IAO helps companies design the interfaces that are right for them.