Technology management

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Systematically identifying, evaluating and utilizing technology trends

Technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace. Companies and research institutions that can identify, evaluate and shape technology trends have a significant competitive edge.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we are constantly monitoring technological developments in the market and seeking out tailored information for our customers. To do this, we have developed unique methods and data mining tools to systematically analyze the masses of data available in databases and online, in keeping with the needs of our customers.

  • The Fraunhofer TechnologyAudit gives companies a clearer idea of their current stage of development by assessing their in-house technology development capabilities. The method shows how they can significantly improve the efficiency of their technology development by doing the right things in the right way.
  • ResearchLandscaping is a Fraunhofer method that involves searching through large quantities of data to identify experts in relevant fields of technology and evaluate their skills. This gives companies a targeted way of finding the right partner for their technology needs.
  • The Fraunhofer TechnologyRadar uses our self-developed functional-semantic approach in answering the following questions: How can your company respond to changing technological developments in a timely fashion? What’s the best way to identify and implement the best technologies for each specific application? How can you evaluate the fitness of technologies for the future? Where will you find opportunities for your company?
  • We apply the Fraunhofer MarketExplorer method to help companies identify diversification options for the technology know-how they currently have or plan to have in the future. To do this, Fraunhofer IAO combines analytical methods (functional-semantic searches of smart data to find diversification potential) with creative software support (specially developed creativity methods). This combination offers a powerful method of identifying new and exciting areas of application.
  • Fraunhofer’s IT-based “WhiteSpot analysis” offers a fast and easy way of collecting and evaluating patent contents. This helps companies to systematically develop new solutions and identify potential for improving existing technologies and products and developing new ones.
  • Game-changing Innovation is an “invention on demand” method that combines bionics (in the form of a technology/biology dictionary developed by Fraunhofer IAO, containing nine million entries) with patent databases to create a powerful method of generating and implementing new, disruptive ideas.
  • The Fraunhofer TrendArena provides companies with systematic support in identifying, evaluating, documenting and visualizing trends. Relevant Trends are extracted from studies and individually tracked down in the smart data environment for key business issues. TrendArena also promotes collaborative working practices involving multiple departments.

We help our customers strategically align their technology management policy and provide all the information required for business development. On request, we can incorporate our methods and tools into the customer’s processes.

If you want to put your technology management on a new strategic footing, let us help you get ahead!

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