People and innovation

Foto: Ludmilla Parsyak, © Fraunhofer IAO


Keeping technology and innovation management fit for global competition

A company’s competitiveness greatly depends on its innovative power. This can be boosted in targeted ways.

Fraunhofer IAO helps its customers to tap new market segments by systematically optimizing both

  • their research and development activities
  • as well as their technology and innovation management.

The goal is for companies to create effective structures on a technological, employee and organizational level and harness them to continuously develop pioneering ideas.

Fraunhofer IAO draws on its profound market knowledge, extensive methodological expertise as well as its many years of experience participating in national and international projects.

The institute’s services combine scientific excellence with a clear business orientation. If necessary, it can tap into further expert knowledge from within the extensive Fraunhofer network.



Technology management

Identifying, evaluating and shaping technology trends can give companies a significant competitive edge. At Fraunhofer IAO, we monitor technological market trends and seek out specific information tailored to our customers. We employ unique methods and data mining tools to systematically carry out large-scale data analysis to suit our customers’ needs, helping them to strategically align their technology management.


Strategic R&D management

Establishing clear research and development (R&D) strategies helps companies to position themselves successfully in the long term, and allows them to identify and assess significant developments at an early stage. With years of R&D management experience, we help companies to strategically align their research and development activities and optimize these for long-term application.


Innovation management

Boosting innovative capacity usually requires a willingness to strike out in new directions and to question established mechanisms. At Fraunhofer IAO, we help our customers by analyzing existing processes, designing environments that promote creativity and developing new, custom innovation systems.


Intellectual property management

New developments and inventions are crucial success factors for many businesses. Yet small and medium-sized companies in particular rarely make systematic use of their intellectual property to improve their competitiveness. We help our customers develop specific technology knowledge, use it strategically and protect it efficiently.


Scenario-based strategic support

Companies undergoing strategic redevelopment can derive great benefit from considering alternative scenarios. We create systematic and scientifically based future projections for our customers to assist them in making strategic decisions about course policy, increase planning security and avoid making poorly-judged investments.


Co-creating innovation

Open innovation is about opening up innovation processes outside the company in order to take strategic advantage of the knowledge and creativity of external partners. This increases input, strengthens customers’ brand loyalty and creates products with particular consumer acceptance. Fraunhofer IAO helps its customers to implement co-creation models for long-term use in their innovation systems.


PDM/PLM systems

PDM/PLM systems facilitate complete information management for everything relating to a product, from its design and development through to manufacturing and service processes. Fraunhofer IAO helps companies to select appropriate PDM/PLM solutions, with experts who seek out company-specific, optimal systems for their customers.


Energy concepts

Efficient energy management helps to reduce costs and CO2 emissions. Fraunhofer IAO works with its customers to develop tailor-made, sustainable energy strategies. IAO specialists find individual solutions by taking an objective view and drawing on the expertise inherent in the extensive Fraunhofer network as required.