Strategy development for technology companies

Strategieentwicklung für technologieintensive Unternehmen
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Enhancing your competitive edge with strategic thinking

Companies that are strategically positioned and professionally organized enjoy a long-term competitive advantage. Such companies are well placed to spot market trends early on and offer innovative products and services.

At Fraunhofer IAO’s Center for Corporate Development, we provide systematic support to knowledge and technology-based companies.

Together with our customers, we

  • analyze the company’s current situation,
  • examine business model sustainability,
  • identify areas in which the company can improve and
  • develop recommendations for orienting the company for the future.

Our services focus on strategic planning, organizational and network design, and the development of knowledge and expertise. Our methodology relies on a modular toolbox that allows us to select the approach best suited to the needs of the individual customer. Our seminars, workshops, audits and long-term coaching sessions focus on specific case studies and allow us to pass on knowledge.

Can you optimize your corporate development? Find out together with our multidisciplinary team!

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Technology management

Identifying, evaluating and shaping technology trends can give companies a significant competitive edge. At Fraunhofer IAO, we monitor technological market trends and seek out specific information tailored to our customers. We employ unique methods and data mining tools to systematically carry out large-scale data analysis to suit our customers’ needs, helping them to strategically align their technology management.


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Scenario-based strategic support

Companies undergoing strategic redevelopment can derive great benefit from considering alternative scenarios. We create systematic and scientifically based future projections for our customers to assist them in making strategic decisions about course policy, increase planning security and avoid making poorly-judged investments.