Health management

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Strategic planning for healthy working environments

Having a health management plan in place is not the key to business success – but capable, motivated and healthy workers are. That’s why in the long term, it pays off for employers to incorporate business health management into their corporate strategy.

Challenges include:

  • heightened global competition and price pressure, which potentially leads to increased workloads, more competition at work and stress-related illness,
  • tension arising from the demand to deliver more in the face of current demographic trends,
  • productivity losses due to psychological stress and
  • the considerable number of knowledge workers left without adequate solutions to cater to their health requirements.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we help companies respond effectively to these developments. We take a holistic approach to strategic health management, including planning, implementing and managing a healthy work environment.

On behalf of our customers, we

  • analyze the company’s current and future health management requirements and assess the effectiveness of current measures,
  • drive forward strategic planning for corporate health management and implement improvement measures,
  • support the further development of a healthy work environment as well as a sustainable management and corporate culture and
  • incorporate a sound perspective about health at the relevant management levels.

Do you want to help keep your staff healthy and motivated? Let’s talk!

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