Employee development in the face of demographic change

Mitarbeiterentwicklung im demografischen Wandel
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Securing company performance long-term

Workforces are aging, and qualified personnel are in short supply. That’s why forward-looking companies want to proactively retain good staff and offer effective concepts for ongoing professional development. The goal is to achieve a capable and productive workforce with motivated employees who hopefully choose to stay until retirement.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we help companies establish a sustainable employee development policy. This increasingly relies on innovative concepts such as self-organized, collaborative and workplace learning, as well as combinations of targeted further training measures and e-learning (blended learning).

On behalf of our customers, we

  • identify important areas for action to prepare for demographic change,
  • design company-specific concepts for employee development, work system design and personnel management and
  • work with the customer to implement and embed these solutions within the company.

Do you want to secure, utilize and nurture your employees’ talent long-term? We can help you get ahead!

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Flexible work arrangements

Flexible work arrangements offer companies a variety of benefits. But what’s the best way to optimize mobile working, home office and similar solutions? At Fraunhofer IAO, we help companies find flexible work models that maintain, or even boost, productivity. We work together to find out if and how companies and staff could benefit from the world of flexible working.


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Competence management

What skills do companies need to achieve their objectives? Which are already on tap and which call for further training? Fraunhofer IAO provides its customers with comprehensive support in formulating a long-term skills management approach to help companies to achieve their business goals, boost performance and secure a competitive advantage.


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Combining work and care

One in ten working people also has to care for a relative. At Fraunhofer IAO, we have been researching how this increase in having to care for relatives is affecting the world of work since 2006. As part of the Work and Care 2020 innovation project, we are collaborating with industry partners and care providers for seniors to develop concepts that help people combine care and career.


Innovation network

Arbeiten & Pflegen 2020

Die Innovationsoffensive entwickelt gemeinsam mit interessierten Unternehmen Strategien und Konzepte für

  • die Pflege der Zukunft sowie
  • die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Pflege.