Competence management

Erfolgreiches Kompetenzmanagement
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Systematically shaping employee development – guaranteeing performance

Achieving company objectives relies on having the right expertise. Although markets and technology advance dynamically, workforces are getting older and the shortage of qualified personnel is growing.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we help companies systematically manage their expertise. The goal is to guarantee capabilities by means of proactive employee development, to improve performance and to gain a competitive advantage.

On behalf of our customers, we

  • determine the competences needed to achieve company objectives,
  • assess what competences are already on hand and where further training is needed,
  • develop tailored solutions for obtaining the necessary competences,
  • create successful models for long-term competences management and
  • continually assess and optimize competence development.

The advice we offer is based on years of experience and countless good practice examples. We possess a range of tried-and-tested tools developed in-house, from which we select the solution best suited to you.

Do you want to know whether the competences you need to grow your company are secured for the long term? Let’s find out together!

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Future Work Lab

A vibrant innovation center, the Future Work Lab allows visitors to experience the future of manufacturing today. In it, companies, associations, people who work in industry and trade unions can find out all about labor concepts for the digitalized world. The Lab services are based on three pillars:

  • The demonstration center
  • The "Fit for Future Work" learning environment
  • The ideas center


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