Business models for emerging markets

Geschäftsmodellentwicklung für entstehende Märkte
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Opening up new markets through productive cooperation

In complex, closely networked markets, such as mobility, energy or communication, innovations can rarely be introduced and established by one company alone. Business models are often created through interplay with other businesses and industries. In the case of electromobility, for example, its success depends heavily on the construction of a nationwide rapid-charging infrastructure.

At Fraunhofer IAO, we bring different stakeholders together in joint projects and innovation networks. We apply a targeted and systematic approach to collaboratively develop innovations. Participants benefit in many ways:

  • We take a holistic view of current and future developments and can demonstrate where new markets are emerging.
  • We conduct sound market analysis to identify potential.
  • Combining the expertise of various stakeholders with Fraunhofer IAO’s technological and management competencies creates fruitful synergies.
  • Our structured approach facilitates cooperation, creates investment security and supports mutual trust.
  • Developments can be initiated and accelerated by working together.
  • Product and service launches are well coordinated, and enter the market more quickly.

Is your business idea dependent on cooperation with other stakeholders? Find out more about our innovation networks!

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