People and corporate development

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Anticipating trends – planning development strategically – securing success

When it comes to medium and long-term development plans, companies and organizations have to take into account a whole host of factors:

  • the pace of technological advances,
  • employee management in times of demographic change and
  • how to come up with sustainable business models for volatile, global markets.

Fraunhofer IAO supports its customers with a holistic approach that places equal emphasis on people, technology and organization.

Innovative tools and techniques make it possible to spot, evaluate and strategically act on technological, social and market trends or developments early on.

The institute provides its customers with unbiased support closely tailored to the individual company’s needs.

Its interdisciplinary teams of experts have in-depth sector-specific, technical and management knowledge, as well as years of experience and high-profile references.



Strategy development for technology companies

Innovative products and services rely on spotting technology trends in the market early on: companies have to position themselves strategically and organize themselves professionally. At Fraunhofer IAO, a multidisciplinary team helps knowledge and technology-based companies optimize their corporate development.


Trend management

Spotting and evaluating technological trends is essential to corporate planning. Yet the sheer pace of change and ever increasing volume of information make this a significant challenge. Fraunhofer IAO supports its customers with tools and software solutions developed in-house, and helps companies to identify important trends and new technologies in an early stage.


Employee development in the face of demographic change

Workforces are aging, and qualified personnel are in short supply. That’s why forward-looking companies want to retain good staff for the long term. In collaboration with its customers, Fraunhofer IAO develops innovative concepts for sustainable employee development to help companies secure, utilize and nurture their employees’ individual talents.


Competence management

What skills do companies need to achieve their objectives? Which are already on tap and which call for further training? Fraunhofer IAO provides its customers with comprehensive support in formulating a long-term skills management approach to help companies to achieve their business goals, boost performance and secure a competitive advantage.


Industry 4.0 competences

Industry 4.0 is reshaping the way humans and machines divide up responsibility for work and decision making – calling for new competences from those involved. We identify those competences requirements for SMEs, and develop work-oriented training concepts.


Business models for emerging markets

In complex, closely networked markets, business models most often develop through interplay with other companies and sectors. In joint projects and innovation networks, Fraunhofer IAO brings various stakeholders together to collaborate on innovations for diverse sectors.


Entrepreneurial risk management

For companies, it pays to conduct a thorough risk assessment for any planned measures and to limit potential dangers ahead of time. This applies equally for business development planning and launching new products onto the market. We help our customers to adopt a holistic view in order to objectively analyze and evaluate business development and innovation management projects.


Health management

Capable, motivated and healthy workers are the key to business success – which is why it pays off in the long term for employers to incorporate a business health management policy into their corporate strategy. By developing holistic concepts, Fraunhofer IAO helps companies plan and create a healthy working environment.