Range of Services

Ideas for success © Fraunhofer IAO

The perfect balance of people and technology in a top-class organization

People are at the very heart of the work we do. Based on the requirements of your company or organization and the specific needs of your staff, we develop and evaluate methods, strategies and technologies.

Working in close collaboration with you, we generate solutions to current problems and challenges involving technical, organizational or staff-related issues.

We essentially see ourselves as a think-tank striving to investigate tomorrow's solutions today, working together with you to create innovations designed to ensure your continued success in the future.

Who are our customers?

Achieving success in a competitive environment requires sophisticated solutions based on future-oriented products that boast cutting-edge technology and quality advantages, as well as on innovative processes. Our work benefits a number of target groups including:

Corporate Development and Work Design

Service and Human Resources Management

Engineering Systems

Information and Communication Technology

Technology and Innovation Management