Fraunhofer IAO joins “Partnership on AI“

Working together to increase the benefits of artificial intelligence for people and the workplace

Founded by big tech companies such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft, the Partnership on AI promotes collaboration and exchange on the important topic of artificial intelligence. Through its membership, Fraunhofer IAO is playing an active part in developing AI best practices and technologies to benefit businesses and society.

“Over the next few years, applications based on artificial intelligence will find their way into many businesses and the lives of individual people,” says Thomas Renner, Head of Business Unit Information and Communication Technology at Fraunhofer IAO. “This opens up big opportunities, but also challenges – for example, as regards issues of trust.” Solutions using artificial intelligence will help people in their work, improve the quality of processes, and reduce costs in many areas, including services, transport, health and education. Accordingly, there is a clear need to discuss relevant issues with other researchers, scientists, companies and policy makers. It’s about highlighting the opportunities while also resolving the challenges. Under the umbrella of the “Partnership on AI,” well-known companies and institutions have joined forces to create opportunities and enhance the benefits of artificial intelligence for individuals and society.

Kickstarting a conversation about artificial intelligence

By joining the “Partnership on AI,” Fraunhofer IAO is acknowledging its responsibility to trigger dialogue about relevant questions concerning our future. “We think it is crucial to reflect on artificial intelligence and its impact on people and the workplace,” says Thomas Renner. And precisely in the places where AI replaces human decision-making processes, it is all the more vital that systems are secure, trustworthy and reliable.

About “Partnership on AI”

The Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society (Partnership on AI) is a not-for-profit organization, founded by Amazon, Apple, Google/DeepMind, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft. Our goals are to study and formulate best practices on the development, testing, and fielding of AI technologies, advancing the public’s understanding of AI, to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society and identify and foster aspirational efforts in AI for socially beneficial purposes. We actively designed the Partnership on AI to bring together a diverse range of voices from for-profit and non-profit, all of whom share our belief in the tenets and are committed to collaboration and open dialogue on the many opportunities and rising challenges around AI.

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