Efficient safeguarding of modern value chains

Identitätsmanagement in modernen Wertschöpfungsketten
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New study published: “Identity management in modern value chains”

In a study entitled “Identity management in modern value chains,” the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO offers an insight into the efficient administration of access rights and authentication, taking Europe’s automotive industry as its example. The study is based both on a quantitative survey of 85 companies and qualitative interviews with specialists.

The continuing digitalization of business processes, cross-company cooperation in distributed value chains, and cloud computing technology are opening up new ways for companies to improve their efficiency. At the same time, there has recently been a proliferation of spectacular security incidents involving a number of well-known companies. There is a proportionate need to counteract the effects of IT security incidents so that the damage they – or any necessary remedies – cause does not offset the benefits of digitalization. What role does modern identity management play in this? How can access rights and identities be administered efficiently? What new technologies are available? And what approach do successful companies take here?

Efficient administration is indispensable

As part of its SkIDentity research project, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO has considered these questions and published a study that summarizes the current situation and future developments in identity management in modern value chains. “Even small and medium-sized enterprises have a large number of identities to administer. That’s why the efficient administration of access rights and authentication is indispensable when trying to ensure that IT infrastructure is secure and productive,” according to the lead author Dr. Michael Kubach. The study is based on a quantitative survey of 85 companies and qualitative interviews with specialists in one of the foremost of Europe’s key sectors, the automotive industry.

Modern identity management is worthwhile

This study’s results point to the importance of inter-organizational exchanges of data and services in modern value chains. The results also offer an insight into the prevalence of different manifestations of cloud computing in the automotive industry and ultimately reveal how identity management deals with these challenges. A structured approach to identity management is shown to be worthwhile. The most successful companies take their lead from state-of-the-art technology, and by doing so they achieve a high degree of security in their value chain.

Over its 61 pages, “Identity management in modern value chains” introduces the topics of identity management and cloud computing, it provides an insight into the current identity management practices of successful companies, and it concludes with an analysis of best practice. The study is available through the IAO shop or from booksellers at a cost of 25 euros.