Survey on the sharing economy

Survey on the sharing economy
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Survey focuses on opportunities and challenges for mainstream industry

Is the sharing economy just media hype or is it in fact a development we should be taking seriously? What risks and opportunities does this growing economic system hold for conventional businesses? Fraunhofer IAO is examining these questions in an online survey.

The sharing of predominantly private goods and services is becoming increasingly commercialized, driven in part by the possibilities afforded by modern information and communication technology. Particularly in the mobility and tourism industries, global players are seeing remarkable rates of economic growth as a result.

Can these sharing principles be transferred and applied to the business models of established companies? Does the sharing economy present new market opportunities for traditional manufacturing companies? In which areas is such potential most likely to be found? And how are established companies dealing with the competition generated by the sharing economy today?

Fraunhofer IAO is examining these and other questions in an online survey funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics. Representatives of companies and business-related institutions in the Land of Baden-Württemberg and across Germany are invited to participate by visiting It takes about 20 minutes to answer the questions. The survey is expected to run until mid-April 2015. Participants in the study can receive a free summary of the results upon request.

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