"Working environments 4.0" survey

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Will it be in the office, at home or on the beach? A new series of studies sets out to discover how and where we will work – and what is best for us.

For more and more people, work extends beyond the office – whether it’s on the move, at home or in the co-working space just around the corner. Now, Fraunhofer IAO has launched a new survey to investigate the impact these different work arrangements have on our wellbeing, motivation and performance, and to identify the technologies that will help us work efficiently alongside our customers and colleagues in the future.

How will the office and knowledge workers of 2025 work and live? Developed as part of the OFFICE21® joint research project, at the beginning of the year Fraunhofer IAO’s Working Environments 4.0 scenario presented one vision of the future. But how much of this vision has already been implemented in practice, and to what extent does it correspond with the actual needs and expectations of today’s knowledge workers? An online survey should help experts from Fraunhofer IAO answer that very question as they continue with their series of studies examining how to set up flexible work and office spaces.

Underpinning the line of questioning is the proposition that we are profoundly affected by the physical environment in which we work and the IT solutions we use. However, there is still a major lack of precise and scientifically validated knowledge as regards the complex interactions between the key issues set out below:

  • What effect do different types of office environment have on innovation, performance and wellbeing?
  • How do experiences differ according to the type of work undertaken?
  • How does the time we spend at the office, working from home or on the move affect the way we feel?
  • What are the effects of different patterns of information and communications technology use?
  • What effect does flexible working actually have on work-life balance?

The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete. Survey participants will not only be helping to shape our future working and living environments, but will also be provided with a summary of the survey results.

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