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Launch of "LivingLab BWe mobil" electromobility showcase initiative

The Baden-Württemberg electromobility showcase initiative "LivingLab BWe mobil" kicked off in mid-March this year. With the goal of finding solutions for mobility in the future, Fraunhofer IAO is working on some ten projects in collaboration with its partner IAT at the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer application center KEIM.

Pioneers are needed to achieve the successful implementation of sustainable mobility in Germany. Baden-Württemberg has risen to this challenge by launching the showcase initiative "LivingLab BWe mobil", which has been running in Baden-Württemberg since mid-March. The initiative involves more than 100 partners from industry, the scientific community and the public sector who are collaborating on some 40 different projects to study electromobility in practice.

With over 30 researchers in its in-house Mobility Innovation Lab engaged in finding ways of taking electromobility to the next level, Fraunhofer IAO is contributing its expertise and infrastructure to various showcase projects in the field of electromobility:

  • Charging infrastructure for Stuttgart and the surrounding region
    Solutions for e-car sharing in urban areas, development of business models for public charging infrastructure | Partners: EnBW, Daimler AG, city of Stuttgart, car2go
  • charge@work
    Integrated energy management of electric vehicle fleets using a micro smart grid demonstrator including solar power, wind power, battery buffer systems, fuel cells with electrolyzers and 30 charge spots (AC and DC) | Partner: Daimler AG
  • Integrated fleet charging
    Integrated fleet planning and charge management system for the vehicle fleet of the Land of Baden-Württemberg | Partners: EnBW, Swarco, Gigatronik, EnSoC, PBW
  • Urban logistics for commercial traffic
    Logistics concepts for the city | Partners: DHL, DPD and UPS; the cities of Karlsruhe, Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart; Daimler AG
  • Stuttgart Services
    Development of a mobility card for Stuttgart which entitles customers to use the full range of mobility services and other municipal facilities. Modeled on the Octopus Card in Hong Kong. Partners: SSB, VVS and many more.

Key tasks include the development of business models for charging infrastructure, the establishment of a micro smart grid, the integration of fleet and charge management solutions, city logistics and intermodal mobility solutions. In addition to the projects featured in the LivingLab BWe mobil showcase initiative, Fraunhofer IAO also carries out research as one of 80 partners integrated in the South-West Electromobility Cluster of Excellence, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Short videos presenting the showcase projects are available on the Internet at The PDF document contains an overview of the projects including brief summaries and information on the participating partners.

Showcase for electromobility: LivingLab BWe mobil

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In April 2012, the German government selected four regions in Germany as "showcases for electromobility" and announced funding for the research and development of alternative drive technologies in these regions on the basis of a resolution passed by the German parliament. The federal government has set aside a total of 180 million euros to finance the complete showcase program. The program includes large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects designed to put electromobility to the test at the interface between energy systems, vehicles and transport systems.

In Baden-Württemberg's "LivingLab BWe mobil" showcase initiative, more than 100 partners from industry, the scientific community and the public sector have joined forces to conduct research into electromobility in practice, supported by a significant injection of additional funding from the Land of Baden-Württemberg and the region of Stuttgart. The initiative includes some 40 projects focused on the Stuttgart region and the city of Karlsruhe, though the project activities are increasingly attracting international attention as well as local interest. The LivingLab BWe mobil initiative is taking a systemic approach with a series of interconnected projects designed to make electromobility accessible to everyone, ranging from e-bikes and electric cars to electric transportation vehicles and plug-in transit buses. The projects address key issues including intermodality, fleets and commercial transport, infrastructure and energy, living and electromobility, urban and transport planning, vehicle technology, communication and participation, and education and training. LivingLab BWe mobil is coordinated by the Baden-Württemberg state agency for electromobility and fuel cell technology (e-mobil BW GmbH) and Stuttgart Economic Development GmbH (WRS).

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