“Banks and the future” 2013 survey launched

Banks and the future
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Data collection for 2013 trend study to continue until the beginning of April

What are the trends bank managers expect to see in the next few years? That is the question Fraunhofer IAO is once again asking decision makers in the banking sector this year, with the current “Banks and the Future 2013” trend survey due to run on until the beginning of April 2013.

Venturing a look into the future, it’s clear that banks have a lot ahead of them, with the expectation that they will become more customer-focused, more innovative, more responsive and more efficient. At the same time, a whole host of regulatory requirements have restricted the banks’ room for maneuver in many respects. Here, new organizational and technological approaches and solutions can help them tap into new business opportunities.

How do bank managers see different trends and developments and their impact on the banks of tomorrow? What are the most important challenges at the present time and how can these be overcome in the future? These are the questions Fraunhofer IAO is putting to board members and top-level decision makers in the German-speaking banking and financial sectors as part of the “Bank & Future” innovation forum.

The study aims to canvass opinion makers from the German-speaking banking sector, taking and analyzing their assessments of current trends and developments in the areas of customer and sales management, product and service innovation, organizational structuring, and use of technology.

This year’s survey was launched in February 2013 and will run until April 2, 2013. Bank managers interested in participating in the survey can do so by going to the innovation forum’s website (www.bankundzukunft.de). Filling out the form will take around 25 minutes and can be done online or on paper. All participants can request to receive a summary of the results by email.

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