Shaping shared mobility

Gemeinschaftliche Mobilitätssysteme


Launch of “Shared Mobility Systems” innovation network at Geneva Motor Show

Fraunhofer IAO plans to use the “Shared Mobility Systems” innovation network to develop fully operational, commercially feasible and sustainable urban mobility concepts in collaboration with partners from across a range of sectors. The project is being showcased at the Geneva Motor Show from March 7–17, 2013.

Our cities are feeling the effects of personal transport more and more as cars choke our streets, spilling double-parked onto the pavements – not to mention the traffic jams, the noise pollution and air heavy with exhaust fumes. Given the current predicament, city residents are opting to leave their own cars in the garage, while car sharing schemes and other means of transportation gain in popularity.

Nevertheless, if we are to develop workable mobility concepts for the cities of the future, it is not enough to rely on isolated and unconnected schemes. Car sharing models, public transport, new drive concepts and town planning must all come together to offer a combination of attractive urban transportation options.

That is why Fraunhofer IAO and EDAG GmbH are setting up the “Shared Mobility Systems” innovation network, bringing together local councils, town planners, operators of public transport networks, providers of car sharing schemes, and automotive companies to develop forward-looking concepts and products targeting shared mobility in our urban centers.

The aim is to unite the requirements and concerns of stakeholders from various sectors with those of cities and local councils in order to be able to develop products and services geared to the needs of cities and local communities. What is more, the project partners will be drawing up concepts that allow city dwellers to share electric vehicles. The innovation network will take the EDAG Light Car Sharing – an electric concept car specifically designed for shared use – as the basis of its work in this area, collaborating to develop the concept and integrate it into existing and future urban systems.

Fraunhofer IAO is showcasing its plans for the “Shared Mobility Systems” innovation network at the Geneva Motor Show from March 7-17, 2013 at the EDAG GmbH booth (Hall 2, Booth 2158). In addition to seeing a prototype of the EDAG Light Car Sharing, visitors can find out more about the activities planned for the innovation network and get involved.

To get in touch with the innovation network, or for more detailed information, please use the contact details given below.