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Banks & Future

The “Banks & Future” innovation forum focuses on innovations in the banking sector relating to new business models, digitalization, customer focus, and issues concerning distributed value creation. The aim is to offer banks practical assistance in developing innovations as well as appropriate support in implementing them.


Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE

Scientists at Fraunhofer IAO are conducting interdisciplinary research at the Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE into the foundational principles of such important concepts as “Morgenstadt” (the city of tomorrow), mobility of the future, visual technologies and digital engineering.


Digital Engineering Lab

The Digital Engineering Lab brings products and their production to life before they actually exist. Work conducted in this “living lab” focuses on the process chain – from the idea for a new product through to planning its production and assembly.



The FutureHotel project is dedicated to addressing central questions related to the hotel of the future. Together with partners from the hospitality sector, Fraunhofer IAO is researching key developments and their repercussions for the sector.


Future Work Lab

A vibrant innovation center, the Future Work Lab allows visitors to experience the future of manufacturing today. In it, companies, associations, people who work in industry and trade unions can find out all about labor concepts for the digitalized world.


Immersive Engineering Lab

The Immersive Engineering Lab is a modern working and presentation environment that allows immersive 3D displays for detailed, accurately rendered real-time visualization.


Industrie 4.0 & the Model Factory

Fraunhofer IAO is at the forefront of scientific research and practical action in this area.


Micro Smart Grid

Electric vehicles and charging systems are not the only key concern; the way these are integrated into the energy grid is also a matter of central importance for energy systems of the future. To this end, researchers in the field of energy and charging infrastructure are developing concepts for the construction and operation of charging infrastructure and higher-level energy systems.


Office environments

How will people live and work in the future? Asking this and similar questions, researchers at Fraunhofer IAO apply their findings in practice to achieve concrete results.


Participating in construction

Virtual reality (VR) as a communication platform: When included in planning and participation procedures, even laypeople can better understand the complex issues involved and thus make informed decisions and offer valuable input to improve planning.



As a holistic platform, the ServLab is not only used to develop and design new and innovative services, but also offers a wide range of modern methods, techniques and technologies for testing, modelling and simulating these services in a realistic context.


Shaping Future

Whether or not innovations become successful does not just depend on whether they are technologically feasible, but primarily on whether they are accepted by society. In order to ensure the inclusion of society’s views at an early stage, the “Shaping Future” project has developed a new kind of approach that allows people to participate in devising long-term research agendas based on actual needs.


Vehicle Interaction Lab

Automated driving and vehicle assistance systems are taking on an increasing number of driving tasks. To explore how people are coming to terms with these increasing levels of automation, Fraunhofer IAO is conducting tests in its Vehicle Interaction Lab, immersive driving simulator.


Visual Technologies Lab

In the Visual Technologies Lab, Fraunhofer IAO carries out research into technologies and applications for the digital world of today and tomorrow. The team focuses on two priority areas: Interactive Surfaces & Spaces and Light Fusion Research