Equality in action

Fraunhofer IAO and the University of Stuttgart’s IAT honored once more with TOTAL E-QUALITY title

Fraunhofer IAO and its partner Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management IAT at the University of Stuttgart have been awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY equal opportunity accolade for the sixth time. The honor was bestowed at a ceremony in Gelsenkirchen on October 27, 2017, and accepted by equal opportunities representative Jasmin Link.

Equality in action
Foto: Thomas Range © TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e. V.

The TOTAL E-QUALITY award recognizes organizations and associations from industry, research and the public sector who have successfully integrated equal opportunity into their HR and organizational policy. The name stands for Total Quality Management (TQM), coupled with gender quality.

This is an area in which the Fraunhofer Institute and its partner Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management IAT at the University of Stuttgart are extremely active, recognized in their receipt of the TOTAL E-QUALITY accolade for the sixth time in a row. Both institutes are committed to equality of opportunity for both genders in the workplace, and run a successful and sustainable HR policy. In this latest application for the TOTAL E-QUALITY accolade, the jury was again impressed by “IAO and IAT’s unstinting engagement in equal opportunity, reflected in the increasing proportion of female managers.” Explaining its official decision, the jury continued: “What is particularly noteworthy is the range of professional development opportunities, the ongoing expansion of initiatives to unite work and family, and the successful and impactful integration of gender research into these institutes’ own research profile.”

Flexibility for employees

The honor was received in Gelsenkirchen on October 27 by equal opportunities representative Jasmin Link. “I’m delighted to work at an institute that has committed to offering excellent career opportunities to both men and women. We’ve already achieved so much. But there’s still a lot to do when it comes to the less obvious disparities, like unconscious bias among men and women. If we can set a good example to award-winning companies, it will also resonate with, and change the rest of society,” said Link at the awards ceremony. The jury was impressed by the range of initiatives and concepts designed to encourage women in their careers and help unite work and family, including mentoring and development programs, child and holiday-time care close to the workplace, and flexible working hours. They also praised the fact that equal opportunity is a topic of strategic significance at both institutes. Fraunhofer IAO is taking part in various research projects geared towards the development of equality initiatives in research institutions, for instance the “Gender and technology transfer” project, in which researchers are looking at the significance of gender in technology transfer.

TOTAL E-QUALITY Deutschland e. V. is an association of representatives from politics, industry and research. The association exists to promote equal opportunity long term. The TOTAL E-QUALITY accolade is awarded once a year following a lengthy application process, and is valid for three years. The award takes into account only voluntary initiatives that go above and beyond what is required by the law.