Fraunhofer IAO web relaunch

Foto: Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


Website features newly structured content

Clearer and more customer-friendly: the new Fraunhofer IAO website went live today. The aim of the relaunch is to maintain the existing design but present the institute’s various research projects and services more vividly and help visitors reach their destination more quickly.

As of today, Fraunhofer IAO has a newly structured website, although the web address is the same: There are only minimal changes to the design, while the core change was to sort the services the institute offers into nine clearly defined subject areas. “As a result, the various topics are now presented in a very customer-friendly way,” says the institute’s director, Prof. Wilhelm Bauer. “It was important for us to help visitors to our website reach their destination more quickly, by listing a set of specific services along with the relevant contacts.”

On the home page, concise navigation helps visitors quickly find their way around. A carousel of images highlights the subject areas that are currently hot topics. The home page also features the latest press releases and blog posts, as well as upcoming events and the most recent publications. Meanwhile, quick access points bring selected target groups – currently students and media representatives – directly to information relevant to them.

Specific offerings and reference projects

Visitors who click “Services” on the navigation bar will now be taken to specific offerings for industry along with the relevant reference projects and contacts – grouped into nine subject areas such as “People and work,” “People and services” or “People and innovation”. This lets customers quickly find out which service is right for them. Anyone looking for general information on opportunities for collaboration will find it directly on the menu bar under “Collaboration.”

“Research” has been put in a prominent position. This is where visitors can find details on publicly funded initiatives, joint research projects and innovation networks in which Fraunhofer IAO is working together with partners from science and industry.

Portal gives an overview of services portfolio

Alongside the relaunch, a new visual language has been developed to communicate Fraunhofer IAO’s topics in a striking way. “We made a conscious decision to use photos of authentic work situations at the institute – in our offices and with our colleagues as the subjects,” says Prof. Anette Weisbecker, the institute’s deputy director.

“We see the new website as a portal that gives a good overview of our institute’s work and services,” Weisbecker concludes. “It allows us to present Fraunhofer IAO’s portfolio of services, which has grown strongly in recent years, in an appropriate manner.”

What is your impression of the new IAO website? We look forward to hearing what you think.