Two IAO scientists awarded honorary titles

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From left to right: Prof. Daniela Popescu (Dekanin Fakultät Maschinenbau, TU Cluj-Napoca), Marika Spath, Prof. Dieter Spath, (Head of the Fraunhofer Institute), Prof. Aurel Topa (Mitglied des Senats, TU Cluj-Napoca), Prof. Sorin Popescu (Präsident des Senats, TU Cluj-Napoca), Prof. Engelbert Westkämper (ehemaliger Institutsleiter Fraunhofer IPA)

Honorary doctorate for Dieter Spath and honorary professorship for Carmen Constantinescu

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTC-N) Romania’s second largest technical university, has conferred an honorary doctorate upon Professor Dr. Dieter Spath, Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. Spath was awarded the honor in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements and his long standing commitment to teaching at UTC-N. Dr. Carmen Constantinescu, scientist at Fraunhofer IAO and lecturer at UTC-N, was awarded an honorary professorship.

The title of doctor honoris causa was awarded to Professor Dieter Spath by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a ceremony held on Friday April 12, 2013. As institute director of Fraunhofer IAO and of the Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management IAT at the University of Stuttgart, Spath received the honor for his outstanding scientific achievements in the field of production systems and technology management. The university also recognized his long standing commitment to the collaboration established with UTC-N.

Professor Spath postulated long before others that implementing new technological potential requires work to be organized anthropocentrically, i.e. structured according to concepts that center around people, as opposed to an exclusive adherence to the processes themselves that are introduced to further innovation. He has applied himself consistently and with great enthusiasm to establishing links between management and technology expertise.

Furthermore, Spath has made it his mission to familiarize up-and-coming scientific talent in research and teaching with the challenges posed by production technology. For a good 20 years he has supported cooperation with UTC-N, whereby professors from the University of Stuttgart and from Fraunhofer IAO regularly teach at the Romanian university. In return, students from Cluj-Napoca come to Stuttgart to finish their final dissertations. “Fostering this excellent collaborative venture is very important to me. We want to work more closely together in research in the future, too,” says Spath, outlining his plans for the coming years. The planned launch of an innovation cluster for digital and urban production in the fall will give tangible shape to this objective later in the year.

Dr. Carmen Constantinescu was awarded an honorary professorship by UTC-N one day later. She was actively involved at the Romanian university as an assistant professor between 1991 and 2004. She has been employed as a research scientist at Fraunhofer IPA since 2001, and at Fraunhofer IAO since 2012 in the field of digital engineering. Dr. Constantinescu has been decisively involved in furthering the collaboration with Cluj-Napoca, and continues to play an important role in its development. She initiated a DAAD exchange program between the two universities and set up a postgraduate exchange program. She has now set her sights on establishing a network that brings in industrial partners active in the field of digital engineering.

Biography of Dieter Spath

Spath began his professional and scientific career in 1971 at Technische Universität München (TUM), where he studied Mechanical Engineering. After completing his Ph.D. at the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management in 1981, Spath joined KASTO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, an organization specializing in sawing technology. He was promoted to Managing Director some seven years later, a position he held until his appointment to the post of Full Professor for the Institute for Machine Tools and Production Science at the University of Karlsruhe (TH) in the year 1992. Since 2002, Dr. Spath has been kept busy as Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and the Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management IAT in Stuttgart. In keeping with Fraunhofer’s long-standing approach, his work brings together entrepreneurial spirit and interdisciplinary applied research.

Biography of Carmen Constantinescu

Carmen Constantinescu completed her engineering degree at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) in 1983. Following eight years of work in the private sector as Principal Software Engineer at Software ITC Cluj S.A. she assumed a teaching position at UTC-N. Carmen Constantinescu completed a Ph.D. in 1999 on information- and communications technologies for versatile and competitive manufacturing companies. She came to the University of Stuttgart and Fraunhofer IAO in 2001, where she founded the Digital Factory department based on her involvement in various European and national research projects. Since 2012 Dr. Constantinescu has been conducting research in the field of digital engineering and urban production at Fraunhofer IAO.