Book release “The fascination of coworking”

Faszination Coworking
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Researchers shed light on the potential of new modes of working for companies

The “coworking” and “coworking spaces” phenomenon is popping up in the media with increasing frequency. Even so, this way of organizing labor and cooperation appears to be the exclusive right of the self-employed or young start-up companies. For the first time, Fraunhofer IAO examines how companies and their teams can benefit from the new approaches in the special research association project Office 21.

In the past ten years, coworking has evolved into a global phenomenon that might seem a bit suspicious at first glance. Office work suddenly takes place in an inexpensive, sometimes downright cheap infrastructure. And while organization seems to be non-existent, very often, a culture of cooperation, mutual helpfulness and support emerges. Such coworking spaces have developed an allure, growth and creativity unparalleled in most companies. How can this be?

The Fraunhofer IAO’s new book “The Fascination of Coworking – Potentials for Companies and their Employees” takes a close look at the essence of this new form of working. Beginning by proposing a definition for coworking, the authors then attempt to uncover the reasons why people find it so fascinating. Is there a way for companies and the people who work there to benefit from the coworking concept? Is there even a comparable form for companies, and if so, what is it? The publication provides answers to these questions by presenting starting points and cooperative approaches as well as outlining future scenarios and their requirements, opportunities and challenges.

Intended for senior management, innovation managers, human resources officers and company real estate managers, the book is also of interest to start-ups and operators of coworking spaces.

The book is available for order from the IAO shop (price: 24 euros).