Urban Living Lab

Research topics

Which interaction scenarios are shaping the cityscape of the future, enabling access to need-based and trend-oriented services regardless of time and place? In the Urban Living Lab, Fraunhofer IAO scientists are researching innovative, technology-based interaction concepts for developing and marketing both sector-specific and general products and services. To this end, differentiated, ideal-typical human-technology interaction scenarios are constructed for citizens – in both their personal and professional environments – and brought to life for them on the basis of integrated user profile control. This research is based on the findings from future scenarios and solution approaches that were developed in the course of the joint research projects FutureHotel, the »Bank & Future« Innovation Forum, OFFICE 21®, and »Pflege 2020«.


Visitors to the laboratory carrying mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet PC receive customized information and service offers according to their user profile. The varied interactions take place in diverse hotspots in the urban environment: for example, customer interaction in a bank, preference-oriented services in hotels, innovative services in the field of health and social care, and forward-looking concepts for the office environment. The interactions possess innovative displays and control and design features, which enable visitors to the laboratory to experience a pioneering journey through the city of the future.