Fraunhofer IAO as an employer

We conduct research that has practical applications

We are...

  • the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and
  • our partner, the University of Stuttgart’s Institute of Human Factors and Technology Management IAT
  • part of Fraunhofer, Europe’s leading network for applied research with 72 institutes and research institutions

Our research and development work for the private and public sectors helps ensure...

  • a better future
  • innovation and growth
  • sustainable growth of our environment and society

Thanks to our close cooperation with the IAT, we are able to combine university-level basic research, application-oriented science, and business practice.

An excellent research environment for your ideas

Only those who forge new paths can shape the future. With us, you can translate your scientific findings into tangible products and services, thus making a significant contribution to growth, competitiveness and employment...

  • scientific excellence and opportunities for applied research
  • interdisciplinary teamwork and freedom to conduct your own research
  • interesting industry partners and access to a scientific network
  • a creative environment and cutting-edge technology
  • excellent research conditions and flexible work arrangements
  • a springboard into the world of business and a career in science

The Fraunhofer FamilyLogo is an award of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for outstanding conditions for the reconciliation of work and private life at the institute and is valid from 1.1.2019 until 31.12.2020.

Personal development and equal opportunities

Professional development and equal opportunities

We help you grow professionally and personally through...

  • numerous educational and training offers
  • challenging tasks to build your competencies
  • option of earning a doctorate
  • diversity and equal opportunities
  • active support for spin-offs
  • flexible work hours and work arrangements
  • support for parents

Fraunhofer IAO was honored with the “Total E-Quality” award for its human resource and organizational policies that foster equal opportunities.