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Why service work transformation?

Changes in business models, work proces-ses and organisational structures are the main, ongoing tasks for companies today. At the same time, sights are set on an increasing number of value-added units, with activities which reflect the character of modern service work. This makes new demands of the qualifications of employees and design of work processes.

Yet the decisive challenge with change management is not in the formulation of new business plans. Rather, the change process must be initiated where the central resources of the company are located: in the hearts and minds of the employees.

Our approach

We define »service work transformation« as innovative approaches in human resource management (HRM) whose goal is to organise work in the company in a way that doesn’t just meet, but exceeds, the requirements of a modern service economy.

Our procedure follows an interdisciplinary approach: we combine the expertise, methods and instruments of occupational science, business and engineering. We test, evaluate and simulate innovative work concepts in our »service laboratory« (ServLab).

Our activities always focus on the needs and abilities of your employees.

Our range of services

Our range of services covers work process analysis, work design and the development of company-specific solutions for improving service skills and service culture.

In particular, we offer solutions in the following areas: