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Why interaction management?

More and more frequently, modern work is becoming »interaction work«. The efficiency and effectiveness of work processes increasingly depend on how employees communicate and interact with each other and with customers.

Whether in the industrial environment or the service economy – the use of new technologies, new business models and new customer requirements leads to new requirements for the design of work process interaction.

Do our employees understand the problems and requests of our customers? Is our work organisation in line with the requirements of interactive work? And how does the use of information technology change communication with customers and cooperation partners?

Today, the answers to these types of questions are decisive for a company’s success. As a part of rationalised production processes, competition is increasingly waged using »soft« factors, which, in practice, make hard distinctions.

Our approach

We define interaction management as the systematic analysis and design of corporate interactions.

Using tried-and-tested methods, we scrutinise the communication in your company and develop solutions for more efficient organisation of interactions between em-ployees and with customers.

Our procedure follows an interdisciplinary approach: We combine psychological, sociological, business and technical expertise into holistic »interaction engineering«.

We analyse, visualise and simulate interaction under »laboratory conditions« and increase the transparency of the added-value contributions of successful communication.

Our range of services

Our range of services covers the analysis and design of face-to-face interaction and implementation of collaborative interaction and communication systems.

In particular, we offer solutions in the following areas: