Service and Human Resources Management

Make the most of employess' potential, target-oriented competence development, services with a strong customer focus

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Quality depends on people

For many years the quality of services on offer has been the decisive competitive factor, and not just in the service sector. The scope and structure of services has become a significant USP among manufacturing companies, too. Nonetheless, high-quality services do not evolve by accident. They have to be developed and managed professionally: company structures therefore need to be geared to efficiently supporting services, and capable of specifically leveraging the potential of individual staff.

Achieving the highest possible degree of "intelligent interaction" between the organization and human resources can be achieved only if the structures and processes, as well as staff know-how and commitment, are seen and developed as a unit. Two elements are therefore central to the research activities and practical projects undertaken by Service and Human Resources Management at the Fraunhofer IAO: the design of innovative, compelling work opportunities that promote learning, and the development of organizational and human resources skills.

Research focuses on the following topics:

  • Management of services
    (Service strategies, optimization of service processes and sales structures, management of service productivity)
  • Development of new services
    (Service engineering, business models for new services, testing service concepts, design of development processes)
  • Service Work Innovation
    (Service training & service qualification, information and communication management for services, analysis and design of work processes for services, development and optimization of industrial service work, use of technologies at the customer interface)
  • Competence management
    (Early identification of training needs, training concepts, digital learning and collaborative applications)

Service and Human Resources Management at the Fraunhofer IAO is one of the first ports of call for assignments relating to service topics in Germany. Our experts support companies with know-how and extensive practical services. We combine innovative approaches from research with methods that have been tried and tested over many years. Such credentials help us ensure the long-term viability and acceptance of individual reorganization and training measures.


The Service and Human Resources Management business unit is organized in the following teams:


Competence Management

The aim is to identify new quality requirements early on and develop ways of ensuring these are met. To this end, the Fraunhofer IAO is developing efficient learning formats and creating organizational concepts which can be used to structure the work formats in a way that promotes motivation and learning.


Service Management

The work of the Competence Team Service Management is geared to the lifecycle of services and hybrid products.


New Service Development

Do entirely different laws govern the world of services when compared with the world of products? Are successful new services the result of a random »flash of inspiration« or can they be »invented« to schedule?