Responsible Research and Innovation

Unleash transdisciplinary potential for innovations, provide systematic support for transformation processes,develop business models based on societal requirements

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Inclusion of stakeholders from research, business, politics and society in research and innovation processes

The Center for Responsible Research and Innovation CeRRI hosted by Fraunhofer IAO develops new philosophies and methods for the needs-oriented design of research projects and innovation processes. By applying participatory foresight methodologies to the design process, we can systematically sound out options for leveraging intellectual capital, increase the social acceptance of innovative solutions, and ensure that public research funding is used responsibly. We consider diversity to be a key to innovative strength. We make use of our expertise in organizational and management culture to perform precise analyses as well as to initiate and support change processes. We continually rethink our methods, especially with regard to the social consequences of innovations. In this way, we serve as a go-between linking the worlds of R&D, industry, and social prerogatives.

The focal fields of the Center for Responsible Research and Innovation are:

  • Organizational and business culture
  • Change management
  • Leadership and career models
  • (Gender) diversity and innovative strength
  • Innovation management
  • Participatory foresight methodologies
  • Acceptance of new technologies
  • Digital strategies
  • Ideation and future labs
  • Co-design, design methods
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Business model development

We start by looking at your company’s needs, its organizational structure, and the research or project you wish to implement. On the basis of this information, we then develop analytical and procedural models, methods and strategies with a view to designing accepted, viable transformation processes, innovations and business models.


The Responsible research and innovation business unit is organized in the following teams:


Technology Transfer Research

Fraunhofer’s mission not only consists of research and development per se but also involves transferring this research into the real world. We provide support throughout the entire process, from the conception of the original idea to its implementation in the real world. We engage relevant stakeholders and cooperate across organizations in order to explore how attending to a wider range of perspectives can enhance the entire process from generating rough ideas through their successful realization.


Need-Oriented Research Planning

We develop innovative working models that enable users’ needs to be incorporated in the technological transformation process from day one. In this needs-oriented approach to research planning, the wishes and requirements of societal stakeholders regarding future solutions are systematically made available at an early stage in the technology development process.


Process Design and Transformative Methods

Innovative ideas are only able to prove successful when they are understandable and imaginable for potential users and non-users alike. Through creative design, future solutions can be conveyed in such a vivid and descriptive manner that they come alive for non-experts in the run-up to research agendas and technology developments.


Diversity and Change

We help companies to sound out the genetic makeup of their “corporate DNA”, enabling them to pinpoint the areas most in need of change. Together we devise solutions based on this information in order to master challenges.