Human-Technology Interaction

Shape intuitive technology, Implement secure digitalization, Create unique user experiences

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Shaping progress: for industry, for people

Because we create technology for people to actually use, IT must be intuitive and user-friendly. New technologies enable processes to be digitalized and productivity to increase, which opens up a wealth of opportunities for new products and appealing services. Whether or not new technologies succeed, however, ultimately depends on how people experience – and accept – them.

In our research, we work on solutions that facilitate efficient interaction between people and smart technology. We create people-oriented innovation processes and develop IT security concepts tailored to specific requirements.

Our key areas of research:

  • Technologies and design approaches for user interfaces
  • Identity management and personalization
  • Emotion and motivation in human-computer interaction
  • User experience and usability engineering
  • Strategies for human-friendly digitalization
  • Neuro-ergonomics
  • Intuitive and user-oriented IT security solutions


The Human-Technology Interaction business unit is organized into the following teams:


Human-Computer Interaction

The Human-Computer Interaction Competence Center aims to leverage the digitalization opportunities offered by new types of human-computer interaction as effectively as possible.


Web Application Engineering

The Web Application Engineering Competence Team is developing novel interaction technologies and intelligent applications in collaboration with customers from the finance sector, software, retail, the chemical industry, production and logistics.


User Experience

The User Experience Competence Team develops new methods and approaches for measuring – as well as targeted measures for achieving – positive user experiences in interaction with technical products.


Identity Management

The Identity Management Competence Team deals with economic, technical and organizational issues pertaining to identity management and information security both within companies and across organizations.