Business areas

The right organization for your frontline themes

Our interdisciplinary teams offer in-depth expertise, and they always keep an eye on the key issues facing our customers, both now and for the future. Thanks to our research experience and numerous projects with business partners, we know how to find customized solutions that provide long-term benefits for our clients. Please browse our individual business areas to find out about our current themes and meet our team. Fraunhofer IAO supports its clients in the following business areas:


Corporate development and work design

All our consulting and implementation projects aim to make companies more responsive, more innovative and productive by putting in place the ideal conditions for good performance and sustainable employment for their staff.


Service and human resources management

Service and Human Resources Management at the Fraunhofer IAO is one of the first ports of call for assignments relating to service topics in Germany. Our experts support companies with know-how and extensive practical services. We combine innovative approaches from research with methods that have been tried and tested over many years. Such credentials help us ensure the long-term viability and acceptance of individual reorganization and training measures.


Engineering systems

Our research concentrates above all on engineers and architects. It is for them that we develop and design new ways of interacting with professional digital tools and worlds, so that they are able to present their concepts, products or buildings in the best possible way using techniques such as virtual reality.


Information and communication technology

The »right« IT is essential to the success and competitiveness of any company. Focal points: Design of information processes Conceptual assessment and selection of company software Design and optimization of IT architectures Development, evaluation and optimization of interactive and intelligent IT systems



Human-Technology Interaction

In our research, we work on solutions that facilitate efficient interaction between people and smart technology. We create people-oriented innovation processes and develop IT security concepts tailored to specific requirements.



Technology and innovation management

The methods and organizational solutions developed in the Technology and Innovation Management business unit to improve and synchronize research, innovation and technology development processes have been shown to trigger success in the market: companies whose technology development capabilities have been properly organized achieve higher growth, increased profitability and an enhanced competitive edge.


Mobility and urban systems engineering

As a key component of tomorrow’s sustainable, life-enhancing cities, mobility too will undergo a fundamental overhaul. Our work focuses on the following topics: electric vehicle systems, urban mobility, the city of the future (Morgenstadt), energy and sharing systems.


Responsible research and innovation

Responsible research and innovation is oriented towards participation. Sustainable solution approaches to effectively deal with social challenges nowadays can only be defined and implemented by including all relevant stakeholders. In cooperation with our clients and project partners we develop tailored analyses, innovative process models and individualized solution approaches for current challenges and issues relevant for the future.