Innovation Management

One of the key tasks of the Innovation Management Competence Team is to develop methods and tools that can be used to measure and evaluate the capacity for innovation exhibited by companies and research institutions.

We also investigate possible ways in which innovation processes can be optimized and accelerated. The knowledge we acquire in this process allows us to derive concrete recommendations on what steps our customers should take, as well as to support them in carrying out these steps.

One of the main points we focus on is how to integrate the development of product-related services in the innovation process and the how to structure the open innovation processes in organizational terms. We also endeavor to answer the question of how suitable business models for innovative products and services can be designed and tested and how companies' intellectual property (IP) can be protected and exploited.

It is important that the underused potential represented by the diversity that exists among customers and staff should increasingly become an integral part of innovation management. We analyze different approaches towards implementing this potential and models for putting it into practice.