Mobility Innovation

The Competence Center Mobility Innovation works on the key topics, concepts and technologies that will drive the mobility solutions of the future.

Das Competence Center Mobility Innovation entwickelt Fahrzeugkonzepte und Technologieträger für den urbanen Raum und die gemeinschaftliche Nutzung in Sharing-Konzepten. Dabei sind induktive Ladesysteme und autonomes Fahren zwei wichtige Zukunftstrends, an denen das Team arbeitet.

One area of focus is on developing vehicle concepts and technology demonstrators for urban spaces along with sharing concepts.

The vehicles themselves are not the only key concern; they must also be integrated into the energy network. That is why a micro smart grid is being set up at the Institute Center in Stuttgart: here, the goal is to harness energy generated locally from renewable sources in order to charge electric vehicles and at the same time to optimize energy management locally. As part of both publicly and industry-financed projects, project partners’ individual components will be tested and the best business strategies for a complete system comprising energy generators, storers and consumers developed, simulated and implemented.

Crucial to the success of future mobility concepts is the capacity to integrate electric vehicles successfully into intermodal journeys. That is why we are working on using smartphone technology to seamlessly log everyday trip chains – allowing us to deduce the keys to success when it comes to linking different modes of transport in a more effective way.

One of the biggest challenges in electromobility is developing successful business models. Consequently, we work together with partners from industry to develop business models for mobility services and charging infrastructure. As well as developing business models and value-added services, the process of business model development itself is studied and optimized.