Urban Data and Resilience

The Urban Data and Resilience competence team’s goal is to make cities livable, safe and resilient. To this end, we focus on cooperation and the use of existing urban data.

We support cities and municipal organizations with innovative participation and co-creative processes to involve residents in development projects that will jointly shape the livable city of tomorrow. We help private enterprises intensify their cooperation with municipalities so that their solutions for smarter cities are geared to actual municipal requirements. We work together with the public and third sector to optimize crisis and disaster management and strengthen the cooperation between the various stakeholders to help increase the safety of cities and their populations. We focus on opportunities that digitalization, information and communication technologies provide. For our customers, we create organizational and information technology concepts, keeping current data protection regulations in mind, to further develop urban processes in the best possible way. In addition, we conduct in-depth research on the social consequences of urban development and put current scientific knowledge to use.