Urban Governance Innovation

The Competence Team Urban Governance Innovation works on issues relating to the management of innovative urban development processes.

The planning, development and operation of urban systems are becoming more and more complex. Whereas individual specialist departments were once able to carry out clearly defined municipal functions, nowadays urban development is characterized by digitalization, participation and networking. The functions of municipal authorities and solutions providers are increasingly interconnected. Innovative technologies, new business models and mixed financing are playing an ever more frequent role in the urban development process. In addition, global markets as well as the challenges of issues such as climate change, the sustainable use of resources, and social integration are forcing cities to face challenges that did not exist before. Municipal authorities and solutions providers have to deal with complex demands faster than ever – and develop and implement innovative urban solutions.

The Competence Team Urban Governance Innovation is helping cities to shape innovation processes at the interface between municipal authorities, private enterprise, and the general public. We support local communities in developing integrated strategies and then implementing these together. In the process we rely on innovative methods of urban systems analysis and techniques for the development of adaptive innovation projects, taking into account social and technological trends. Private sector-civil society integration is achieved using tried-and-tested tools and methods, which we are continually refining.

It is our goal to combine sustainable urban development with changing user requirements and technological innovations.

Morgenstadt is the flagship project of the Competence Team Urban Governance Innovation. We are using this to bring a wide range of specific research projects together into one initiative, which is anticipating and testing a new paradigm of urban development.