Smart Urban Environments

Cities across the world are facing new challenges caused by technological, climatic or social changes. Urban spaces of the future must be especially adaptable and resilient if they are to keep pace with these constantly changing requirements. This development calls for smarter concepts, which must be equally future-proof, sustainable and flexible in order to guarantee long-term functionality and quality of life in congested urban areas across the world.

The Smart Urban Environments competence team develops creative and viable solutions for urban spaces of the future. This is achieved by considering flexible technologies and including various influencing factors from areas such as energy, mobility, urban planning, social interaction, societal changes and safety. Studies, districts as test labs and targeted technology management are used to systematically research relevant influencing factors and their potential. They also serve as a basis for equipping urban spaces with adaption possibilities for daily life, so they can thrive in a dynamic future.

Overview of our services:

  • Conducting studies based on qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Developing scenarios, mission statements and providing recommendations for action
  • Offering scientific support for experiments in urban spaces
  • Evaluating big data
  • Developing intelligent district concepts
  • Internationalizing solution approaches in the areas of sustainable construction and urban planning
  • Using creative formats to connect stakeholders