Fraunhofer Application Center KEIM

The KEIM competence center for energy and information technology mobility interfaces aims to make the vision of shared use of electromobility resources a reality.

The KEIM application center, established at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in 2012 and led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO in Stuttgart, is the first Fraunhofer application center in Baden-Württemberg. KEIM pursues the goal of designing and developing intelligent, connected IT solutions for the shared use of sustainable mobility resources in urban areas. In other words, anyone, anywhere can choose precisely the mode of transportation that is most comfortable, fastest or most suitable for them. One prerequisite for this is communication that users can understand and that is based on current mobility options. Using these experiences as a basis, KEIM offers methods and IT solutions for the Internet of Things. These include both analysis methods and platforms for securely recording sensor and operating data, as well as big data technologies and the associated integration methods and interfaces. In addition to technology interfaces and suitable protocols and security mechanisms, the human-machine interface also plays an important role in the research at KEIM. The interdisciplinary team is currently working on multiple projects in the areas of charging and load management, connected sensors, and strategic fleet planning.