Smart Energy Systems

The Smart Energy Systems Competence Team uses innovative software solutions to equip businesses and end users with tools to best meet the challenges brought on by Germany’s transition to a new energy economy and to tap into new markets.

In light of these issues, core topics are the development of big data energy and mobility management systems for manufacturing companies, energy-intensive industries and operators of critical infrastructure such as airports, network operators and mobility service providers. Our aim is to provide our customers optimum support in adapting existing business models and developing new ones.

Our portfolio includes cloud-based predictive analytics for electricity, heat, cold and electromobility, real-time platforms for operations and procurement optimization, and other services such as peak load management in cross-sector energy systems. In addition, we have many years of expertise in IT-supported services for electromobility, which we apply to offer our customers platforms for integrated charging, load and planning management of electric fleets and their charging stations.

Our institute’s Micro Smart Grid, which comprises over 30 AC charging points, powerful super chargers, more than 40 electric vehicles, stationary storage and self-generating systems, provides the ideal testing ground to evaluate all the solutions. Our customers include well-known SMEs and industrial companies.