Digital Business Services

The Digital Business Services Competence Team helps enterprises conceptualize and develop new web-based business models and innovative cloud services as well as address questions on cloud and data architectures. We do this by using methods and models that we ourselves developed.

In addition, we help design, develop and operate customized cloud services. The Digital Business Services Competence Team first analyzes the actual situations of cloud-computing customers and providers, and then advises on their potential to use cloud services. We also assist companies with selecting and implementing suitable IT solutions, software products and cloud services.

Smart services in the Internet of Things (IoT) are a focal point in this context. Suitable cloud-based architectures have become a key requirement for most companies that want to succeed in digitally expanding the functionality of their products, also known as smart services. Customers also come to us with questions on fog computing and the matter of centralized versus decentralized processing of information on servers in the cloud or directly in smart products.

Our services and solutions are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These activities are supported, in particular, by project funding initiatives at the state and national levels in Germany that familiarize SMEs with digitalization topics. This helps SMEs acquire the basic knowledge that enables them to subsequently delve deeper into digitalization. Apart from cloud computing and IoT, we use research projects to explore a remarkably wide variety of issues in e-commerce. Findings are then used to implement prototypes that, for example, monitor competition, map products, and compare prices and trends. In this context, technologies for web scraping and the preparation, analysis and visualization of the data are adapted and used especially for SMEs.